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Entry requirements: Bachelor's degree including 90 credits in Tourism Studies as the main field of study, and English B or equivalent.

Selection: On the basis of previous university credits. Between 30 and 285 credits may be taken into account.

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Tourism Studies, Master's Dissertation

Course 30 credits

This course about city tourism is based on the following research areas: destination development, the meetings industry, experience tourism and questions of risk. The course begins with a literature study of a particular research question chosen by the student within the specified framework. Following this, research methods are studied with a focus on the choice of method, scholarly argument and preparation for the dissertation. Work with the dissertation continues throughout the semester, although it is written mainly during the second half of the semester.

The below information comes from the syllabus and is valid from: spring semester 2013

Course design

Lectures, seminars and supervision. All instruction is in the English language. However, students may choose to write the dissertation and assignments in English or Swedish.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, the student can

Knowledge and understanding
• demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the theory and analytical methods within private and business travel, as well as the recreational activities of the local community in a city region, with prior studies in tourism as the starting point;

• demonstrate in-depth knowledge about the most important areas of research within tourism with the prioritised research areas of the department as the starting point: destination development, professional meetings, experience tourism and risk;

• demonstrate in-depth knowledge about how to search for, analyse and critically examine quantitative and qualitative sources within tourism, as well as choose, promote and use relevant research methods.

Skills and abilities
• defend his/her own conclusions in a scholarly manner in front of a chosen target group from well thought out academic perspectives and principles;

• examine the current research position prior to starting the Master’s dissertation, by completing a literature study, resulting in a unified theoretical framework for the dissertation;

• identify empirical material from one of the prioritised research areas at the department and design a formally correct, independent and comprehensive piece of work;

• present and defend the dissertation in a scholarly manner and critically analyse another student’s dissertation.

Judgement and approach
• demonstrate an ability to reflect and identify one’s own need of further knowledge within Tourism Studies and take responsibility for one’s own professional development from a multidisciplinary perspective;

• demonstrate in-depth insight when discussing the role of tourism and its significance in society today, as well as understanding the scope of Tourism Studies and its use, from a critical point of view.


Individual Specialisation: Individual written assignment

Research Methods: Compulsory seminar participation and individual written assignment

Master’s Dissertation: The dissertation is presented, discussed and defended at a final seminar. The student must also critically analyse another student’s dissertation and must actively participate in seminars and supervision.

Grading criteria will be distributed at course/module start.

Syllabus valid from spring semester 2013

The above information and syllabus are based on the most recently validated decision. Any previous versions are available here.

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